Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Cantaloupe- 1 fruit
China grass / Agar agar/ kadal paasi - 2 Tbsp
(Flakes or powder)
Milk- 200 ml
Edible Almond tree gum / Badam pisin - 2-3 pieces
Basil seeds/Tukmaria seeds -1/2 tsp
Sugar - 5-6 tsp(it should be added separately in each step)
Cardamom powder- 1 pinch(optional)

For each layer,separate steps are involved

Step 1:
*Take the pulp from the cantaloupe and add 2 tsp sugar in a blender and grind it without water.
Step 2:
*Take 100 ml of cantaloupe juice and freeze it for garnishing on top of jigathanda.
Step 3:
*Soak edible almond tree gum and basil seeds each separately in 200 ml of water for 2-3 hours.
   (when soaked nicely,drain them and keep aside)
Step 4:
*Boil the milk in a milk boiler and reduce it to a thick cream.(like khova)
*Add 50 ml cantaloupe juice,cardamom powder,sugar to it and let it boil again.
*The consistency should be semi-solid,and not too liquid or too thick.
*You get a thick creamy cantaloupe khova.
Step 5:
*In a kadai, heat 200 ml water and when it starts to boil,add the china grass and let it cook until all flakes are dissolved.
*Add 2 tsp of sugar,only when the china grass flakes/powder is nicely dissolved.
*Add 100 ml cantaloupe juice to it and let it boil well.
*Pour it into a bowl or plate and do not touch until it becomes thick jelly.(then cut half of them into small cubes,and mash half of them)
Step 6:
*Chill all the items separately in the fridge.
Step 7:
   Add mashed china grass,soaked almond tree gum and cantaloupe juice one by one.
   Add creamy cantaloupe khova and add cut china grass jelly cubes.
   Finally scoop the frozen cantaloupe from the freezer on top of all layers.
   Garnish with cantaloupe pieces.
   Serve chill.

*Grind the full fruit,as you will need this juice in most of the steps.(You can keep some pulp for garnishing)
*Sugar can be added more or less according to your taste.
*This recipe takes little extra time to do.
*All the items can be done and stored in the refrigerator the day before serving.This saves time.
*Layering takes only few minutes,this can be done at the time of serving.

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