Friday, August 8, 2014


Gulab jamun dough-1 cup
(for recipe visit )
Carrot-1 grated
Mixed nuts-1 tbsp
Ghee- for sauteing carrot
Oil-for deep frying

1. Keep the gulab jamun dough ready.
2. In a kadai add the grated carrot and saute with little ghee and keep aside.

3. Take a small ball of the dough and press it in the center.
4. Fill in with a small amount of carrot and some mixed nuts.

5. Close it and make it into medium size balls.

6. Heat oil in a kadai.
7. Deep fry the balls in medium heat until they are nice golden brown.

8. Soak them in sugar syrup for 2-3 hours.
   (sugar syrup recipe @ )

9. Serve them with a bowl of vanilla ice-cream.

1. Do not mix the dough too soft or too tight.
2. Always fry the jamuns in medium heat.
3. Do not fry in hot oil,as it will make the outer dark and uncooked inside.
4. While frying the jamuns,stir them continuously with the ladle to get an even colour.
5. Do not make the sugar syrup too thick nor too runny.
6. If the sugar syrup is too thin,it will spoil the jamuns and it will get bad soon.
7. Make sure that there is no cracks in the balls,as it will split ,when you put it oil as well as in the syrup.

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