Friday, August 1, 2014



Badam milk-50 ml
Coconut milk-50 ml
Condensed milk-50 ml
Kadal paasi(agar agar flakes)-15 gms
Water-400 ml
Sugar-to taste
Mixed nuts-to taste
Badam essence-2-3 drops
1.In a pan, pour the water and let it boil nicely.

2.Now add the agar agar flakes and let it boil nicely.
3.Let all the flakes dissolve and disappear in the water nicely.
4.Now,add the sugar and let it boil for some more time.
5.Add the badam milk,condensed milk and badam essence and boil it only for a minute.
6.Now,switch off the stove and add the coconut milk.
7.Give it a stir,and,at once pour it into a setting tray without any delay.
8.After 10 minutes,sprinkle some nuts to it.
9.Leave it without touching until it comes to room temperature.
10.Chill it and cut into desired shapes.

11.Agar agar dessert is ready to serve.
1.Do not add sugar until agar agar flakes it fully dissolved.
2.If you add sugar earlier,then agar agar will not cook and will be uncomfortable while eating.
3.Do not wait after you add the coconut milk.Transfer the mixture to the tray when it is nicely hot.
4.Don't stir too much after you add coconut milk.As coconut milk will curdle in the heat.
5.If you find dust while dissolving the agar agar,just add 2 tsp of milk to it and dust will gather together and      you can collect and dispose them.
6.Never try to put this dessert in the freezer.It will spoil the taste of the dish.

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