Wednesday, August 6, 2014



For the batter:
Maida-1 cup
Rice flour-2 tsp
Salt-to taste
Water-to make the batter

For topping:
Egg - 2
Salt-to taste
Onion-1 medium (cut into small cubes)
Green chillies-1 (cut into small pieces)
Pepper powder-to sprinkle
Idly podi(optional)-to sprinkle.

1. In a bowl,add all items in the items for making batter and mix well without any lumps.
2. Make it little thinner than dosa batter.(like rava dosa batter)
3. Heat the dosa tawa in a high flame.
4. When the tawa is hot enough,pour the batter from outward and then the inner area.
5. Drizzle some oil to it and keep in simmer flame.
6. Now break an egg and pour it on top of the dosa.
7. Add some onion,sprinkle some salt,pepper powder and idly powder.
8. Let it cook for sometime.
9. Turn it over and cook for some more time.
10. Serve it hot with any spicy chutneys.
1. If batter becomes more watery,add little idli dosa batter.
2. Do not make the batter too runny.
3. The egg can be even added to the batter itself.
4. Any veg toppings can be added.
5. Plain maida dosa can also be done without adding egg.

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