Sunday, June 29, 2014


Milk- 2 cups
Custard powder/corn flour(any flavour of your choice)-3-4 tsp
Sugar-to taste
Fruits-of your choice(I've used mango,banana,grapes,dates,apple)

1.Wash and cut the fruits to your desired size.Medium crunchy size goes well.
2.In a cup, add the custard/corn flour powder and add some cold milk and make it a paste.
3.Mix it well without any lumps and keep it aside.
4.In a pan,boil the milk.
5.Add sugar and stir it well.
6.Now add the custard mixture and stir it continuously without any lumps.
7.Let it cool for sometime.
8.Add all the fruits to it and mix well.
   In a serving bowl,first add the fruits,then the mixture,then the fruits,then again the mixture.
9.Cool it and serve.

1.When using corn flour,add any fresh fruit puree and essence to it for a better taste.
2.Do not directly add the custard powder to the hot milk,as it may form lumps and spoil the taste.
3.Add more or less sugar,according to the fruit's sweetness.

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